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Sankofayah is a conscious clothing design company established on the basis of applying education, wisdom, and basic principles. We make reference to the Sankofa bird hailing from Ghana, West Africa which has the unique ability to look backwards while flying forward. It symbolizes the idea of "go back and take." Our version of that is "Return and Build." The idea that we have been equipped with knowledge and the skills to succeed, It's our responsibility to pay homage to those who have come before us while also using that platform to propel ourselves to higher heights. Today, Sankofayah is proud to create apparel that celebrates a rich history and inspires a wealthy future for generations to come. 

Here at Sankofayah, we honor the principle, a house is built upon wisdom. It is the blueprint which we have found to be most beneficial in tackling life's obstacles. Our debut collection entitled "FAT RICH" shows respect and admiration to a rich history, culture, and expands on the idea of what it means to be FAT RICH today. FAT RICH symbolizes wealth, royalty, abundance in all aspects of life. We are a multi-faceted brand so stay tuned because we have only begun to scratch the surface....until then...RETURN AND BUILD!