Sankofayah is a black owned clothing company created by a husband and wife duo in the healthcare profession. Sankofayah pronounced (San-KO-fuh-YAH) was inspired by the Sankofa bird hailing from Ghana, West Africa which has the unique ability to look backwards while flying forward. It symbolizes the idea and "go back and take." Our version of the proverb is "Return and Build". 

We saw the detrimental outcomes of wealth being bled from the community while investing in the growth of other communities, without much reciprocity. Simply put, Sankofayah creates Call To Action Apparel to uplift and rebuild our community, for generations to come. 

We design premium streetwear brands such as The Crown Collection, which is a constant reminder of a rich history from which we once came. LIVE FAT RICH is a lone of the regal class which symbolizes an increase, wealth, and abundance, a double portion of blessings. The Black Welfare line is about the betterment of a people mentally, physically, and financially. Lastly, The Mansa Musa Money line promotes black empowerment and generational wealth building. 

This is a company with a mission to bring back healing to black communities though community outreach programs and facilitating the act of group economics. The time to Return and Build is Now

Here at Sankofayah, we honor the principle, a house is built upon wisdom. It is the blueprint which we have found to be most beneficial in tackling life's obstacles. Our debut collection entitled "FAT RICH" shows respect and admiration to a rich history, culture, and expands on the idea of what it means to be FAT RICH today. FAT RICH symbolizes wealth, royalty, abundance in all aspects of life. We are a multi-faceted brand so stay tuned because we have only begun to scratch the surface....until then...RETURN AND BUILD!


Logo for Sankofayah brand