Wealth and thanksgiving: 3 highlights from Black 2 The Basics Podcast Interview. 


It’s that time again. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and foil pans are on sale at your local grocery store. People are diligently preparing their good china and outfits for the Holiday we have known as Thanksgiving 🦃 . But something is different...

Have you noticed that it seems that major retailers have just brushed over this holiday, waiting for the real money maker…CHRISTMAS?! 🎄🎁 

Why do you think that is?! 🤔

Take a guess…

Our educated guess is that the essence of the term “Thanksgiving” has depreciated or isn't practiced NEARLY as much as it did when we were kids. Sure everyone is excited to reunite with family in what seems like a safer space in a pandemic but how do we go about “giving thanks?” Is it just to our immediate family? At the annual Friendsgiving party? Or is there something more…

In a recent podcast interview with J Weeks and J Erv, hosts of Black 2 the Basics podcast in Atlanta, we touched on the idea of wealth and fulfillment as it pertains to working with what you already have and the act of giving.

To be honest, we think we struck a cord with this one because this really resonated with us and we have the feeling it will do the same for you. 🙌🏾This concept also touches upon the mindset of and thought process behind our brand Mansa Musa Money (Acknowledging a lineage of wealth while Manifesting the future with our words).

So here are three highlights from Black 2 The Basics Podcast:

1. You are already equip with everything that you need RIGHT NOW to make an IMPACT.  💯

Stop waiting until you have all of the resources you THINK you need to get started, you will never have enough if that’s the case. Just get started and watch how resources will lend themselves to you!

3. Ask yourself this: “Who am I here to serve?” True fulfillment can’t be found in material things. That adrenaline rush you get when you first put on those pair of shoes 👞  fade but the act of giving is what will sustain you.

4. Wealth or the idea of it isn’t solely based upon the amount of money you have in your bank account 💰. One can also attain a wealth of knowledge, wisdom etc…the act of giving back produces wealth that can’t be quantified.

 So as we quickly approach November 25th be sure to reflect on these highlights. Head over to our youtube channel (Sankofayah) to watch a clip of the podcast interview and get a sneak peak of our latest merchandise dropping soon! (Link below)

 Also, set you alarm ⌚️ , TODAY at NOON, (which also happens to be veteran’s day…shout out to the veterans for holding us down…better yet “serving” this country 🇺🇸.

 See what we did there?! 


YOUTUBE interview clip w/new merch reveal!


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Until then...

Return and Build✌🏾